New Feature – Floating Button Widget!

New Feature - Floating Button Widget!

Seems like all the cool kids these days have a floating widget on their website. You know, the ones on the bottom right corner of the website. But, who has time for live chat?

Well now, you can put a PodInbox floating widget on your own website to collect fan voice mails! When your website visitor clicks open that floating widget, they can simply leave their audio message right from your website!

floating button widget to record audio from site visitors

Whether you’re using a popular page builder like WordPress, or any other podcast website host…just paste your custom embed script in the header of your website, and presto, your PodInbox widget appears instantly!

This floating widget is fully integrated with your PodInbox account. This means that any messages captured in the widget will appear directly in your PodInbox dashboard and public show page.

Best of all, every contact captured with this widget will be stored in your PodInbox Contacts list.

This widget is available on all account levels, so that means for both free and paid accounts. For paid accounts, however, you can customize the widget with your own colors, icon style, and widget placement.

Just login to your dashboard, click on “show page” from the main menu, and this new floating button widget is under the “widgets” tab.

This new floating widget is yet another way we’re helping podcasters engage their fans in fun and convenient ways!

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